Environmental and Emerging Claim Manager Association

Environmental and Emerging Claim Manager Association (EECMA) is an informal association of major and minor, domestic and international, property and casualty insurers and reinsurers. The members of EECMA are focused on continued education about the many ongoing and newly emerging issues surrounding environmental, asbestos, and other long-term exposure litigation that continue to present challenges to insurers and our policyholders.

Dear EECMA Members, Speakers, Sponsors & Guests,

We invite (re)insurers, as well as insurance lawyers and consultants to the 36th Environmental and Emerging Claim Manager Association (EECMA) Conference, in partnership with Perrin Conferences, on April 21- 22, 2022. Over the day and a half virtual conference, in-depth Insurance Risk panels led by dynamic speakers will share their comprehensive legal, technical, scientific, and regulatory expert knowledge on timely cutting-edge topics. View the event page for more info on this year's conference! 

Stay connected and communicate with other EECMA members. We welcome you to our virtual conference on Perrin Conferences' virtual platform.  

Kind regards,

The EECMA Steering Committee



Gregory Kelder (Great American Insurance Group), President

Kathleen Olear (Sompo International), Vice President

Jane Black (Swiss Re, retired), Secretary

Jen David (Sompo International), Webmaster

Michael Diggin (Swiss Re), Treasurer